Candidate Services

We take your career goals and aspirations as seriously as you do!

The Hughes and Associates team will take the time to listen to your values, goals, and aspirations, both professionally and personally, to serve your career needs and find the best fit for you.

Our Candidate Services

The Process

During the search process, you can expect a high level of commitment from our team. We are dedicated to building relationships with candidates and placing you on the road to a new and exciting career. The first step to a great career begins with a conversation.

After the initial conversation, a Hughes and Associates recruiter will review your credentials: your skills, experience, and knowledge to classify the position best suited for you. Candidates may be called by one of our recruitment specialists to further develop and identify your career aspirations during the search process. When a career opportunity arises, a Hughes and Associates recruiter will contact you personally. If you are interested in the opportunity, your recruiter will provide information to the employer, and assist both parties in setting up an interview, either by telephone or in person. 

Prior to the interview, a Hughes and Associates recruiter will assist you in preparing for the meeting by providing interview tips and other relevant information. During the interview process, candidates will be given specific and beneficial feedback to assist in making a decision. Your Hughes and Associates recruiter will also spearhead all negotiations on your behalf. We will stay in touch throughout the search process and as you excel in your exciting new career.

Information Gathering and Us

The information you provide is intended for the sole use of the recruiters working toward your job placement and the enhancement of your career.

The personal and professional information you share with Hughes and Associates is gathered to provide recruiters with the data needed to promote you as a candidate for career openings and determine whether you are an appropriate match for our client, the employer.

Who Receives Candidate Information

Shared personal and professional information is strictly confidential. Personal and professional information shared with Hughes and Associates is always kept in the strictest of confidence during the search process. Your information will not be shared with other recruiters or organizations outside Hughes and Associates. We will never disclose your information to a potential employer without your consent.