Interview Types

Interview Types

Interviews types vary based on many factors including the steps in the hiring process, the company culture, among others. Each interview requires different preparation, so to understand how to prepare you should know what to expect from the interview type.

Use the following guide to prepare for each interview type: 

The Phone Interview
The phone interview is typically a screening to see if you’re a suitable person to be given an onsite interview. So, take advantage of the format and open the company’s website in your browser, and have a print-out of your resume and the job description in front of you.

The Onsite Interview
The traditional onsite interview will be a one-on-one meeting with an interviewer. The interviewer asks common interview questions used to gauge your ability to excel at the job.

The Video Interview
Choose a place that will be distraction-free for the full length of the interview and wear full business attire. It is important that your device will perform properly, so test your internet connection and if possible test the picture/sound quality before the interview.

The Group Interview
The group interview is just that, an interview with a group of other potential hires. In group interviews, it is essential to stand out from the crowd, so listen intently and speak with purpose.

The Interview Over a Meal
Lunch or dinner interviews are used to gauge how you act in different settings, so use proper table etiquette. If you’re not sure what to order ask the interviewer if he/she has ever eaten there and what they think are good choices. Remember to stick with a mess-free option.

The Panel Interview
The panel interview will involve meeting with multiple interviewers at one time. It is necessary to engage the whole group to leave a lasting impression on each interviewer.

The Marathon Interview
A marathon interview typically lasts all day and require a tremendous amount of preparation and energy. Check out The Marathon Interview for tips. 

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