Interview Body Language

Interview Body Language

Having the proper interview body language shows confidence, interest, and professionalism. Whereas fidgeting, slouching, and avoiding eye contact gives off a negative vibe. For this reason, the impression you give via non-verbal communication is just as essential as your verbal communication. So, how do you exude confidence and avoid making a bad impression in your interview?

Check out these interview body language tips:

The interview starts when you step in the door. Even when you’re in the waiting area sit up straight, don’t play on your phone, and stay focused. 

Give a good handshake. Immediately make solid eye contact, reach your hand forward, and introduce yourself in a confident voice. This is your chance to make a perfect first impression.

Respect personal space. Be mindful of the interviewer’s personal space and avoid sitting too close.

Don’t fidget. Fidgeting is distracting and shows nervousness.

Have good posture. Sit with up straight and don’t cross your arms. 

Show that you’re listening. When the interviewer is speaking make eye contact and nod your head.

Smile and appear friendly. Show that you are excited about this opportunity.

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