Summertime: The Worst or The Best Time to Job Hunt

Summertime: Worst or Best Time to Job Hunt

With summertime upon us, many of us are wondering what these next few months mean for our careers. A common misconception is that the summertime is the worst time to job hunt because decision-makers are on vacation and jobs aren’t as readily available. While this may be true in some cases, it certainly does not mean you should completely step back. In fact, assumptions like these may actually make it one of the best times to work on your career.

So, when you’re laying by the pool and soul-searching remember these key facts:

There will be less competition. The assumption that it’s such a bad time to apply means fewer people are putting in the effort. Some may even be using this time to take a break from the job market.

Hiring managers have more time on their hands. With things winding down, hiring managers will have more time to review resumes, schedule interviews, and assess the company’s mid-year goals.

Seeing fewer open positions doesn’t mean it’s a closed door. Make it known that you are interested in working for a specific company or in a specific type of role. Tell your recruiter so they can keep you in mind when the roles open up.

Vacation time is the best time to job hunt. Taking off work to interview at a different company is awkward. Instead, use your vacation time to assess what you want, update your resume, attend networking events, and schedule interviews.

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