Adjusting to a New Manager

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Your company hired a new manager. So, what does this change mean for you and your team? The manager might have a completely different management style as well as different expectations. So, how do you adjust to the new manager and do your part to ensure a good transition?

Check out my tips on adjusting to a new manager:

Put your self in their shoes. The change is just as big of an adjustment to the manager as it is to you.

Don’t compare. Just like with any new relationship it’s important to start with a clean slate. Don’t bring your opinions of your previous manager (positive or negative) into this new relationship.

Help the manager along. Don’t assume it’s only up to the manager to adjust. A good member works hard to ensure the success of the team. 

Know what’s expected of you. If possible schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss expectations and goals, because the expectations of this manager may be completely different than the previous.

Adjust to the new management style. Try to adjust quickly and efficiently to the new management style.

Prove yourself. Show the new manager you are capable and dependable.

Give it time. The new manager is adjusting to the new company and getting his/her feet under them; it may take time to adjust for both of you.

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