Networking During the Pandemic

Networking During the Pandemic

Networking during the pandemic may seem arduous at times; however, staying connected is essential to our careers and our social lives. By utilizing video chat and social media, strong connections can still be made. And, while social distancing practices are in place, we should not neglect our existing network. We must get creative and utilize the tools we have available to regain a sense of normalcy and maintain our goals.

See below for tips for networking during the pandemic:

Utilize technology. Video chat platforms, messaging and social media apps, and even food delivery apps will come in handy to gain/maintain your network during this time of social distance.

Be kind and sincere. Make sure to check in on people during this difficult time and be willing to help in any way you can.

Be flexible. Remember people have different levels of comfort and preferred methods of communication.

Utilize social media. A great way to link with potential connections is by utilizing social media, especially sites like LinkedIn.

Virtual events. Companies and organizations are getting creative; virtual career fairs, book clubs, meetings, etc. are the current norm for social events.

“New topic, please.” While it’s great to check in on how people are doing, some may be tired of COVID being the main topic of conversation.

Expand your borders. With the expansion of virtual events, it is now possible to extend your network beyond where you live.

Follow up. Just as before, follow-ups are an essential part of successfully networking.

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