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virtual interviews

Virtual interviews are the most common method of interviewing these days. While this method has its pros and cons, it can definitely be an adjustment from the typical in-person interviews. Handshakes, social cues, and touring the location are replaced with head nods and smiling at a webcam, and searching for photos of your future office. While we are all adjusting to this new norm, it’s important to be prepared.

See below for tips on virtual interviews:

Familiarize yourself with the platform. Make sure the platform you will be interviewed on is downloaded and updated on your computer and do a test run to make sure you know how to join the meeting. 

Don’t be afraid to clarify. Whether the speaker cut out or you simply didn’t fully understand the question, it’s better to ask for clarification than to give an answer that may not fit.

Avoid technical issues. Double-check your webcam, audio, and internet connection.

Be punctual. Join the meeting a few minutes ahead of time and be ready to start as soon as you join.

Stay focused. It’s easy for concentration to wander during a video call, but remember to minimize distractions and stay focused on the speaker.

Check your background. Clear the clutter and think from the perspective of the interviewer.

Rehearse. As with any other interview, it’s good to practice ahead of time and prep for typical interview questions. Remember you can use notes.

Maintain good body language. Body language is just as important on a video call. Head nods, smiles, good posture, etc. are all essential to appear professional and attentive.

Utilize the available features. Blur or change the background, attach your resume/CV in the chat, etc.

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