Habits to Ditch in 2019

habits to ditch in 2019

The beginning of the year is a time for change; a time to make improvements that will ensure this year is your best. A great way to start this process is to look at your daily choices and habits. We all have good and bad habits, some that we may not even realize can actually have the greatest impact on our success and happiness. It’s essential to take time to reflect on past choices and then look toward the future. So, where do you start? Let’s first look at which habits you should immediately ditch.

Check out the following list of habits to ditch in 2019:

Dreading work. While it’s not realistic to be ecstatic to go into work every day of the year, frequently dreading it is not acceptable. We spend the majority of our life at our jobs, if this brings about a feeling of constant dread, your life will likely not be very bright. Try to figure out the source of the dread so you can enjoy this large part of your life.

Being unorganized. This is one of those “well, of course I should be organized!” obvious reminders. However, we all struggle with either getting and/or staying organized. Organization affects our lives more than we realize, once it is established and maintained our focus improves greatly. This year try to create and maintain a structure which will allow you to focus on your goals.

Setting unachievable goals. New Year’s resolutions tend to be far fetched and often forgotten by February. This year set achievable goals for yourself! Check out New Year’s Resolutions (for your career) to get ideas!

Forgetting to monitor goals. Not only is it important to set achievable goals, but you must also monitor these goals throughout the year. Set a time frame in which you can evaluate your progress. Don’t forget to celebrate the progress.

Not maintaining/branching out of your current network. It’s important to meet new people, just as it is important to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with your current network. Break out of the pattern of selfish networking, don’t just think about how the person can be of use to you, think about how you can be of use to each other.

Stretching yourself too thin. Taking breaks, delegating tasks, and creating realistic to-do lists will prevent burnout. This may be a struggle for busy people, but try to find ways to not only work hard but to work smart, as well.

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