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Reasons You Are Not Landing an Interview

We all know how frustrating it is to submit application after application and never land an interview. You feel like you’re doing everything right but it just doesn’t seem to be paying off. So, why are you going through this struggle? The reason can be as simple as another candidate coming more highly recommended. Before applying for any job try to see your application and resume from the eyes of the hiring manager.

Reasons you aren’t landing an interview include:

Poor resume. A resume is your first chance to make an impression, make sure it’s up-to-date, relevant, and well-organized.

Experience requirements. Being over or under-qualified is the main reason a person won’t move forward in the hiring process.

Unexplained gaps in employment. Make sure to explain the reasons for any gaps in employment to prevent assumptions.

Your accomplishments aren’t showcased. Your resume should explain your background, as well as showcase your accomplishments.

Writing errors. Make sure to double-check resumes, applications, and emails for grammar and/or spelling errors.

Job-hopping. Hopping from one company to the next makes a person seem noncommittal and irresponsible.

You’re trying to do it on your own. Companies receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for a single job. Simply applying online and waiting for a response is not enough. Utilize a recruiter to present you to a hiring manager or find someone on the inside to recommend you, and don’t be afraid to follow-up.

Now that you know the reasons you aren’t landing an interview check out The Job Market to learn ways to master the job market.

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