The Limitless Career Search

limitless career search

Career search methods have evolved due to new technology and an increase in competition. Simply applying with your basic CV to a job post is no longer a feasible approach. Job seekers need to try a limitless career search and also find new creative ways to put themselves out there.

Check out the following tips to implement a limitless career search:

Jobs Posted. Don’t limit yourself to only applying to the jobs posted on a job board or a company’s website. Many companies have open positions that are not posted and jobs posted that have already been filled.

Basic CV. Don’t limit yourself to one basic CV and cover letter. Modify both to fit the role you’re applying to. Hiring managers love to see the exact qualifications they’re looking for in your application.

Application. Don’t limit yourself to your application. Use a recruiter to present your application straight to the hiring managers. Companies receive so many applications yours will likely get lost in the crowd.

Presence. Don’t limit yourself to your social media presence. Be present at conferences, meetings, as well as other networking events. Make sure you are well-known in your industry.

Waiting. Don’t limit yourself to simply applying and waiting. Follow up to make sure your application moves to the top of the pile.

Connections. Don’t forget to use your connections. The expression “it’s all about who you know” is true. Call in favors with your network and put the feelers out there to hear about any career opportunities that could fit your background.

Now that you’ve removed the limitations from your career search. Check out more career advice here.

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