How to Overcome Burnout

overcome burnout

Stress from work, taking on too many responsibilities, and not taking time off will lead to burnout. Burnout can be recognized by evaluating your physical, mental, and emotional health. Warning signs include irritability, trouble sleeping, and difficulty focusing. Overcoming burnout will require making changes in your professional life to ease the pressure.

Steps to take to overcome burnout include:

Figure out the reason. Evaluate where the burnout is coming from. You may just be in need of a break. However, if the burnout is caused by poor working conditions changes in your career will be needed.

Make a plan. Now that you know the reason for your burnout the next step is to create a plan of action.

Don’t put it off. The state wears on your happiness and productivity, so it’s important to fix the issues quickly before it causes lasting damage, such as getting fired from your job.

Seek support. Voice your concerns with co-workers or loved ones and accept their support and guidance. It may be necessary to speak to your boss, as well.

Work smart. Find ways to increase efficiency at work by automating or delegating tasks. Hiring an assistant is a great way to alleviate stress.

Keep an eye on your physical and mental health. Burnout weighs on your health, causing high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, among other serious consequences. It’s important to practice stress-relieving techniques such as meditation and yoga.

Take time off. A great way to recover is by taking a relaxing vacation. Many of us worry about taking a step back from work even for a day, but time off is necessary in order to maintain your health…and your sanity.

Check out the blog post Out of Office: Vacation Time to learn the best practices for making the most out of time off.

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