The Night Before an Interview

The Night Before an Interview

It is the night before an interview and all you can manage to do is stress. This is understandable considering how important interviews are and how much goes into performing your best. You must make a good impression through your answers, questions, and overall knowledge of the company and industry. In addition to the impression you make through the conversation, your appearance and body language are important as well. So, how can you prepare for the interview?

Go through this checklist on what to do the night before an interview:

Do your homework. Do your research on the company and interviewer. Do some digging so you can discuss recent company news and trends.

Make a portfolio. Secure copies of your documents (resumes, cover letters, business cards, and reference sheets) in a professional portfolio. Bring along a pen and paper to take notes, as well.

Prepare your outfit. Pick out professional attire, spot-check for stains, iron, and lay them out. Avoid wearing too many accessories, overpowering cologne/perfume, and inappropriate clothing.

Practice the interview. Prepare answers to common interview questions and prepare questions you can ask the interviewer.

Know where you’re going tomorrow. Put the address in your GPS or print out the directions. Make sure to take traffic into account. 

Relax. Last but not least get plenty of rest.

Now that you know what to do before the interview check out Interview Types (and How to Ace Them).

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