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The end of the year is a very important time to start thinking about career goals. However, it is also a very hectic time of the year with holiday parties, gift giving, traveling, etc. With all the distractions how can you get into the job searching mode and take advantage of this time of year?

Check out these key reminders when job searching during the holidays:

Timing is everything. At the end of the year, companies decide on changes for next year. Many people will be starting their job search in January, so starting the job hunt in December would give you a head start.

Use holiday social events to network. The holiday season is the best time to network; people tend to be more motivated to help others as part of the spirit of the season. Put your best foot forward at the holiday parties, lightly discuss career goals, and go easy on the eggnog.

Maintain existing connections. Sending Christmas cards to your connections is a nice way to show your appreciation and reconnect.

Take the leap. If you’re afraid, remember the beginning of the year is the best time for a change. 

Use our expertise. Instead of sending your resume out to dozens of companies, contact us so we can represent you. Our recruiters are expertly trained to find the best match for our candidates.

Relax and reevaluate. Spend time with your family and discuss how a career change will improve/affect their lives.

Check out Attending Conferences to find great tips on networking.

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